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Sierra Blvd Complete Streets :

Owner:  City of So. Lake Tahoe
Bid Date:  10/11/2018
Engineer's Estimate:  $4,250,000-$4,500,000
Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Job Summary - Work to be performed includes, but is not limited to: traffic control, pulverization of existing AC pavement, demolition of existing PCC curbs & gutters and HC ramps, construction staking, new concrete curb & gutter, ADA concrete HC ramps, adjust utilities to grade, water system adjustments, water meter installations, water service line relocations, storm drain system construction (drainage inlets, storm drain laterals, storm drain main, infiltration galleries, and treatment basin discharge improvement) sanitary sewer lateral relocations, electrical conduit, electrical pull boxes, standard City of South Lake Tahoe streetlights, AC paving, pavement striping, signage, landscaping, irrigation, Best Management Practices, compliance with regulatory permits, establishing vegetation on areas disturbed by construction activity, and all other work as described in the Contract Documents, including, without limitation, project construction drawings, bid documents, Special Provisions, City of South Lake Tahoe Public Improvements and Engineering Standards, and 2015 edition of California Department of Transportation, Standard Specifications.
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Construction on State Highway in San Benito County:

Owner:  Caltrans 05-1C2604
Bid Date:  10/18/2018
Engineer's Estimate:  $1,960,000
Location: San Benito County south of Hollister
Job Summary - Curve Realignment, retaining wall, culvert extension
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Constrcution on State Highway in El Dorado County:

Owner:  Caltrans 03-4F8404
Bid Date:  11/7/2018
Engineer's Estimate:  $3,670,000
Location: Meyers, CA
Job Summary - Convert minor leg stop controlled T-intersection into 3-Leg roundabout
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