Past Jobs

Construction on State Highway in Mono County:

Owner:  Caltrans 09-346704
Contract:  $471,544.30
Location: Mono County near Lee Vining
Job Summary:
Construct Right Turn Lane

Camp Richardson Campground 2017:

Owner:  USDA Forest Service
Contract:  $676,021.00
Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Job Summary:
Camp Richardson Construction 2017 is primarily a paving and circulation project. There are two locations situated across from Highway 89 from each other, the first within the Camp Richardson RV Campground, and the second off of Jameson Beach Road, within the Camp Richardson Cabin area. Within the RV campground, work shall mainly consist of paving the existing loops, constructing infiltration basins, constructing concrete pathways, installing signage, and better defining campsite spurs with barrier boulders. The southernmost loop, Coachmen, is an option within this contract. Within the cabin area, work shall mainly consist of paving a circulation loop, restoring sections of existing paved roadway, constructing infiltration basins, installing signage, and defining parking spots with barrier boulders. Two optional bid items exist for this area, one for an alternate paved entrance, and one for a road and small parking lot near the Beachside Inn.

Emerald Bay State Park Eagle Point Campground:

Herback Construction Past Project - Emerald Bay State Park Eagle Point Campground

Owner:  State of California Department of Parks and Recreation
Contract:  $2,124,082.00
Location: El Dorado County, California
Photo Gallery: Click Here
Job Summary:
Project A: Make improvements to meet current ADA requirements and provide updated facilities at Eagle Point Campground including but not limited to: remove and replace select comfort stations and combination buildings, provide accessibile pathways and upgrade the existing accessible parking stalls at campground facilities to meet current standards. Project B/C: Make improvements to four (4) lift stations at Eagle Point Campground, including but not limited to, installing new equipment, control systems, electrical upgrades and related telemetry equipment. Project will also involve the removal of the existing pumping equipment and controllers and removal of the overflow tanks. Extend the south end of the existing potable water treatment building and install new water treatment equipment, and provide electrical improvements.

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