Past Jobs

Senior Center West Parking Lot Reconstruction:

Owner:  Public Works
Contract:  218,745.80
Location: Carson City, Nevada
Job Summary:
Reconstruction of the west parking lot at the Carson City Senior Center including pulverizing the existing parking lot, regrading, concrete work, signs, striping and related improvements.

Construction on State Highway in Mono County:

Owner:  Caltrans 09-369804
Contract:  $1,254,944
Location: Mono County near Chalfant, CA
Job Summary:
Roadway Excavation and Place HMA in Mono County at Chalfant from 0.2 Mile South Hunter Ave to 0.3 Mile North of Chalfant Road

South Lake Tahoe Road Rehabilitation Project Phase II:

Owner:  South Lake Tahoe
Contract:  $1,028,129.45
Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Job Summary:
Pulverization, recompaction, 3" AC, Patch paving and striping

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