Past Jobs

Weyland Bridge Re-Installation:

Owner:  State of California Department of Parks and Recreation
Contract:  $907,863.00
Location: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Job Summary:
Furnish all labor, equipment, materials, and supplies needed to reinstall the Weyland Bridge at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in Monterey County, California. The bridge was removed and placed adjacent to the site in fall of 2008 as an emergency preparation for flood and debris flow from an upstream forest fire, the State desires to reinstall the bridge. Work includes but is not limited to inspection, reinstallation or salvage of the existing timber bridge structures, excavation of backfill behind the existing concrete foundations, construction of new bridge foundation reinforcement and anchorage, construction of timber bridge structures on retrofit foundations using re-used or new timber, installation of bridge rails, replacement of water valves and water line, installation of electrical and communication service to existing USGS river gauge station, road paving, and erosion control.

Emerald Bay State Park Eagle Point Campground:

Herback Construction Past Project - Emerald Bay State Park Eagle Point Campground

Owner:  State of California Department of Parks and Recreation
Contract:  $2,124,082.00
Location: El Dorado County, California
Photo Gallery: Click Here
Job Summary:
Project A: Make improvements to meet current ADA requirements and provide updated facilities at Eagle Point Campground including but not limited to: remove and replace select comfort stations and combination buildings, provide accessibile pathways and upgrade the existing accessible parking stalls at campground facilities to meet current standards. Project B/C: Make improvements to four (4) lift stations at Eagle Point Campground, including but not limited to, installing new equipment, control systems, electrical upgrades and related telemetry equipment. Project will also involve the removal of the existing pumping equipment and controllers and removal of the overflow tanks. Extend the south end of the existing potable water treatment building and install new water treatment equipment, and provide electrical improvements.

Camp Richardson Campground Reconstruction & Retrofit BMP:

Herback Construction Past Project - Camp Richardson Campground Reconstruction & Retrofit BMP

Owner:  USDA Forest Service
Contract:  $3,379,614.00
Location: South Lake Tahoe, California
Photo Gallery: Click Here
Job Summary:
Camp Richardson Campground Reconstruction includes complete reconstruction of two campgrounds at Camp Richardson Resort near South Lake Tahoe, California. This work includes, but is not limited to: tree removal, clearing and grubbing, fill and excavation, aggregate base placement, asphalt placement, minor utility work, campsite furniture relocation, road barrier placement and culvert installation. Additionally, this project involves the relocation of a bike path, construction of a pedestrian path and the construction of access roads. These items will require traffic control and occur within the right-of-way for California Highway 89. The project also includes several optional bid items. These include: construction of an additional campsite loop, installation of a pre-constructed entrance building, alternative for paving the pedestrian path, installation of a sewer lateral for a future restroom and additional aggregate base parking spaces.

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