Past Jobs

Silver Peak Road:

Herback Construction Past Project - Silver Peak Road

Owner:  Federal Highway Administration
Contract:  $11,295,857.39
Location: Esmeralda County, Nevada
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Job Summary:
This project will consist of aggregate base, hot asphalt concrete pavement, grading, culverts, and concrete headwalls/wingwalls. SCHEUDLE A is approximately 6.0 miles (MP 4 to MP 10) of roadway construction including culvert installation, concrete headwalls and wingwalls, embankment, placement of new aggregate base, hot asphalt concrete paving, signing and striping. Significant items include 31 new culverts 24" to 60" in diameter, 10 each concrete headwalls/wingwalls for 48"-60" culverts, 12,600 CUYD of Roadway Aggregate Method 2, approximately 38,000 CY of embankment, 15,100 tons of hot asphalt concrete pavement, 121,200 LF of pavement markings.

Lake Mary Road to Lake George Road Multi-Use Path Project:

Herback Construction Past Project - Lake Mary Road to Lake George Road Multi-Use Path Project

Owner:  Town of Mammoth Lakes
Contract:  $734,020.46
Location: Mammoth Lakes, California
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Job Summary:
The project is located in the Lakes Basin, Mammoth Lakes, California and is adjacent to Around Lake Mary Loop Road from Lake Mary Road to Lake George Road. The project improvements include construction of a multi-use path, a bike pad, the realignment of a section of Around Lake Mary Loop Road, the installation of a 50' bridge at the Lake Mamie Outfall near Lake George Road, and minor drainage improvements.

2015 Well #10 (Heybourne) Pump Station:

Owner:  Town of Minden
Contract:  $556,946.32
Location: Minden, Nevada
Job Summary:
The primary scope of work is to construct a pump station including the construction of the building, electrical and mechanical improvements. Site improvements including piping, utilities, landscaping, well pump installation, equipment and emergency generator installation, controls system, and associated piping and appurtenances.

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