Past Jobs

Boulder Mountain Erosion Control Project:

Herback Construction Past Project - Boulder Mountain Erosion Control Project

Owner:  El Dorado County Department of Transportation
Contract:  $347,295.90
Location: El Dorado Dounty in the Tahoe Basin
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Job Summary:
Construction of erosion control improvements including culverts and subdrains, grass-lined swales, curb and gutter, drainage inlets, a drain basin, restoring pavement on Boulder Mountain Drive, stabilizing the entrace of a dirt access road with pavement and rock, and road shoulder stabilizing.

Lee Vining Streets Rehabilitation:

Herback Construction Past Project - Lee Vining Streets Rehabilitation

Owner:  County of Mono / Department of Public Works
Contract:  $1,444,401.49
Location: Lee Vining, California
Job Summary:
Rehabilitation of local streets, removal of existing sidewalk, curb, gutter, asphalt and placement of new sidewalk, curb and gutter, pedestrian ramps and drainage facilities.

Linear Park Landscape Improvements:

Herback Construction Past Project - Linear Park Landscape Improvements

Owner:  City of South Lake Tahoe
Contract:  $587,350.20
Location: City of South Lake Tahoe
Photo Gallery: Click Here
Job Summary:
Existing pedestrian trail pavement pulverization, structural section grading, compaction, paving, site preparation (clearing, grubbing, tree removal, tree trimming, grading, bed soil amendments, lawn area soil amendments), irrigation system, sod placement, installation of trees, shrubs, and other planting, stone edging and accenting, street lights, utility trenching, park benches, Best Management Practices, compliance with regulatory permits, establishing vegetation on areas disturbed by construction activity.

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