Excavation & Grading

Excavation Minden, NV

The natural landscape is uneven, full of rocks, and has obstructions that can make construction difficult. That is why every plot must be excavated and graded before construction. At Herback General Engineering, we have prepared the land for several projects in Arizona, Nevada, and California. We work with local earthworks contractors who understand the ground conditions and know the best way to prepare them.

Land Excavation and Grading (H2 Tag)

Excavation and grading are two different processes that are often combined to ensure the land is level. Excavation involves digging into the ground and moving the earth to a different location. Our technicians remove excess material, boulders, trees, and other such obstacles during the excavation process. If the plot requires earthmoving, excavation is the first step in the land preparation process.

Grading starts when the land is relatively free of obstacles or after the excavation is complete. It involves using practical tools and techniques to level the area until it is reasonably flat. It is done before laying the foundation for buildings or installing other such base structures.  

Grading Contractor (H2 Tag)

Property owners must hire a professional grading contractor for the job instead of trying to level the land themselves. Here are some reasons why DIY leveling is unwise and can get you into legal trouble down the line:

  • Grading involves the use of heavy equipment and power tools. Only professionals with valid licenses can use these tools on projects.
  • Professional graders know how to use sophisticated measuring appliances like GPS or laser systems to measure the ground and understand its grading. It is not possible to work the land effectively without this information.
  • Experts understand how land reacts to different environmental conditions. For example, they know what kind of slope your property needs to direct rainwater away from the construction site.

A qualified grading contractor will make sure the land is level and suitable for your construction project. Every property requires a different grading approach, so we always formulate a customized plan for the process. 

Excavation and Grading Costs (H3 Tag)

Excavating and grading costs can vary from one project to another. There are several factors to consider before we can come up with a detailed estimate of the costs. Here is a look at those factors:

  • Size of the property
  • Quality of soil
  • Erosion control requirements
  • The density of the land
  • The kind of heavy equipment needed
  • Obstacles like trees, rocks, boulders, bushes
  • Site properties that may cause logistical problems

As experienced professionals, we understand what is involved in every project and will make sure your property is ready for construction. Our team will provide a detailed quote after the consultation; it helps you make an informed decision regarding the budget. Without proper excavation and grading, the construction project will face many obstacles, and the building will not be very stable.

If you want to know more about excavation and grading, get in touch with Herback General Engineering. Please use our contact us form or give us a call at 775-267-6800.