GPS Machine Control

Constructing a structure is a complex process and requires careful planning. You need to take several factors like the landscape, environment, grading, etc., into consideration while planning. Thorough research and measurement, you can improve the quality of construction, making the structure more durable. At Herback General Engineering, we use the latest technologies like GPS machine control to collect relevant information about the plot, which significantly increases the accuracy of construction. 

What is GPS Machine Control?

Machine control incorporates different kinds of positioning technology like GPS into the construction process. The system uses the same technology that you use to find a location on Google Maps and drive to it. Every component of the system indicates a specific position on the land, and software programs compare that position to the construction design to determine whether the ground is suitable for building a structure.

There are several ways like laser and total station control options, but GPS is a popular technology. It is suitable for large-scale earthworks and construction projects, so if you want to work over a big plot of land, GPS is the fastest approach.

GPS Machine Control Systems

GPS systems use sophisticated but reliable technology to provide all the information you need about a landscape and its grading. Here is a look at how it works:

  • The system includes several components, like base station radio receivers, cab-mounted displays, satellite signal receivers, and satellite antennas. All these components are placed at specific points to create a network that uses GPS satellite guidance for grading.
  • The antennas receive signals from the satellite. The system then decodes the signals to collect the information. A GPS base station will send corrections to compensate for any signal refraction.
  • The machine control system studies this information and provides real-time data on the position of every antenna.
  • The antennas are placed directly outside the ground-breaking components of the machine, which provides exact information on where the components are in the ground.

As the information is provided in real-time, you know exactly when to stop digging or moving earth.

GPS Machine Control Benefits

Many construction companies have switched to machine control because it offers several advantages over traditional methods. Here is a look at some of these advantages:

  • More Accurate – GPS technology is more accurate than traditional grade checking and on-the-ground setout assessment. While there is some concern about satellite signal refraction and other such factors, these issues can be corrected by a GPS base station present on the site.
  • Reduced Costs – Hiring personnel for grade checking and surveying can be expensive, especially if they need to survey a large or dangerous piece of land. Using GPS will help reduce costs in the long run, even if you need to pay more up-front. 
  • No Guesswork – Traditional surveying and grading systems involve a lot of guesswork, which can influence the overall quality of the construction. GPS grading technology can eliminate guesswork and provide more accurate results. 

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